The first generation of the BMW 6 series

Published: 27th October 2009
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A 5 year generation gap happened between the first generation and 2nd generation of the BMW six series. The production of the first generation series of the BMW six started in 1976 and stopped on 1989. The second generation series of the BMW six on the other hand started production in 2003 and is about to end its production by 2012.

The BMW 6 series coupe has a classic Gran Tourismo coupe proportion, which offers a closer feel between the auto and the road. The interiors of the coupe make use of ergonomically perfect materials that provide function and exclusivity. It also boasts of its efficient dynamics technology enabling it to become more fuel efficient while increasing performance.

the first generation of the BMW 6 series debuted in August of 1976. With improvements from its precedent, the E90, the first generation coupes boasted a safer E24 chassis that lives up to the standards set by rollover standards and the new united states Fed. crash. Revisions and improvements were produced in succession skyrocketing tops speeds and improving manual transmissions. Two years before the halt of production, a luxury version of the BMW 6 series was released known as the L6.

The second generation of the BMW six series was then released by 2003. A 2-door coupe body style was introduced to the market with improved V8 and V10 engines. Two years after the release, the 1st convertible models for the BMW six series was introduced and was branded as the best auto in the series.

A carryover from the 2009 BMW six series was also released. The 2010 BMW six series offers the 650i convertible and 650i coupe body types with improved 6- speed manual or automatic transmissions. It also boasts of the standard V8, 360 - horsepower engine. The BMW 6 series also allows you to exclusively add certain personalizing features.

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